Tuesday, February 19, 2013


This weekend my son & his hockey team won the A banner. #1 team of 16. So we decided to do the Harlem Shake. Here is their video:


This one made me laugh when I heard the newest rumor about CTP & I last weekend while at a social. Its funny, when people are drunk, what they'll tell you. What's even funnier is when you immediately know who their source is, lmao. And you wonder why I don't have the time of day for some.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


You know what I find funny?? Well lots of things but today, this is a rant. Or lets just call it an old fashion bitchfest with a little "heads up". I find it funny when people are so interested with your business that they can't keep their own crap together. People that would rather talk about your business cause their's is just to boring and pathetic. That or they are just pathetic. What I find funny is when that big mouth comes back to bite you in the ass big time! And guess what, its coming. Heads up. The things I hear and oh, the things I'll be doing with those interesting little facts. Would have been better to just zip and and go with the facts, you know fuck all. People need to learn to stop flapping their gums.

Friday, December 28, 2012


I wanted to write a little list post, so everyone who reads my blog can get to know me a bit more. Doing this also makes me think abit and put things into prespective again. I need that. In this post I wanted to describe things that I love and are a huge part of my personality. 1. You already know I am a first generation Canadian. 2. My horoscope sign is a Sagittarius. 3. My full first name is Sandra. My Grandma sometimes calls me Alexandra. I've gone most of my life as Sandy. 4. I am a little sarcastic. Oh, who am I kidding, I'm A LOT sarcastic. Its my second fluent language. 5. My first real job was at the Chinese Food Resturant in the Kildonan Place Shopping Centre. I made $5.25/hour. 6. I am a electronics gadget geek. 7. I love snowmen. 8. I am obsessed with cameras. I always want a new one. I want one now. 9. I am very emotional. 10. I would love to learn Ojibway. 11. I'm not into material things or name brand clothes. What a waste of money. Although if someone is selling them cheap, I'm in. 12. I love shiny things. 13. I'm a picky eater. 14. I am just recovering from a serious Pepsi addiction. 15. I am fiercly loyal. I'm a good friend to have, until you piss me off. Then you should be worried. 16. I love to read. 17. To me the most important characteristics in a person is honesty, integrity and humor. We all need to laugh more. 18. I could not live without music. 19. I'm a neat freak although my house does not reflect same. Its always untidy but I figure with kids, its like shovelling in a blizzard. 20. I love spirituality, and I try to improve my self every day. I am sure there are some other things that I forgot to mention, can’t think of it right now. But when I do I will make another list .

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Well, just as we hoped, we've been busy with the kids and the sled. Between the backyard rink and the snowmobile, we don't spend a whole lot of time in the house which was part of our plan. We are pretty active but besides hockey, tend to slow down in the Winter time which isn't great. With things on the up around here, we've been even more active and have been doing some fishing and want to get the kids introduced to ice fishing as well. So after much discussion, DH & I decided that snowmobile racing is a very expensive hobby and running, racing, maintaining and repairing two race sleds is just to much money, especially since hockey & racing run in the same season. So this Summer we sold our ice/grass sled, the first racing machine we purchased. It went to a huge racing outfit in Saskatchewan and I'm sure it'll win a lot of races for that team. We bought ourselves a machine that we could just get out and ride. And after DH spent two days in the garage rebuilding the motor we were good to go. Oh and $600.00 on helmets! Yikes. Not a cheap hobby. So after working up my courage again, after years of not riding, last weekend I took the ditch and trails along highway 3 up the big hill. What a great view.
This weekend we've been out on the lake. So much fun.


I've been doing so much serious writing the last couple days that I thought today, I should sit and write something simple without a lot of meaning. So I thought I would sit and write about our newest find!!! I am a magnet. Or as my friend Lindsay would say, a sucker! The night of the town parade was COLD! -27 or so if I remember correctly. So we came early, found a good spot, argued with the kids as to why we should stay in the truck, lost the argument and went and stood out on the street. After a very short parade we jumped back into the truck to take DH home as I wanted to check out the mall and what I thought was going to be a small craft sale. Well, there was no craft sale so we headed back out into the cold and back to the main drag. Wandering along minding our own business, we hear meowing and LM says "Look Mom, little Penny". UGH! Its running down the side of the buildings and shivering. So I reached down, grabbed it and then thought, now what. We wandered around to a couple businesses that have cats but no luck. So we brought her home and thought we'd put an ad on the local Buy & Sell page. Ya, no luck. The next morning while I was in the tub, DH told the kids they could keep it!!! Thanks Dear for asking me what I thought. Long story short, our cold frozen kitten found a home. DH named her Kisinaa (Kiss-in-aa) which is Ojibway for "cold".

Monday, December 17, 2012


If you haven't already, please check out my newest adventure. Damaged on Duty. Being the wife of a Mountie who suffers from PTSD which he got in the line of duty, I have grown passionate about raising awarness to this horrible mental illness that my husband has. While my husband is much better than when he was first diagnosed, there are many still out there that are afraid to speak out about their PTSD in fear of what their co-workers will say and what their employer will do. Visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/leesgang#!/groups/417099365010328/ You can also follow us on Twitter at @damagedbyduty Or you can visit our website at www.damagedonduty.com. We are currently looking for people to share their PTSD stories and journies with us. We will keep the posting annonymous if you wish. Lets raise awareness for our first responders suffering with PTSD and let remove the stigma. No one should do this alone. No one should live in fear.